TSM Inc. proudly clocks the benchmark of serving in the technology industry for 40 years, chiefly serving the D.C. Metropolitan Area. And with the rise and progression of the IT industry, our business has augmented its offerings by including Digital Marketing and Web Designing services into the spectrum, along with providing IT solutions.TSM offers a host of services such as IT Strategy Consulting, Cloud Offerings, Managed IT Services, Cyber Security and Network Development apart from IT Helpdesk, Sales, Repair and Installation Services.


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What We Offer
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Supreme solutions

TSM firmly believes in delivering customized solutions to its customers. Discover how we transcend your expectations by delivering the best solution for your business. Our service implementations involve making well-informed decisions based on insights, data, and analytics that help us in delivering formidable results. It is the result of our constant efforts and commitment that we have made a name for ourselves for delivering sterling outcomes.

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Our Solutions

It strategy Consulting

 Be it the genesis of a new business or sprucing up an old one, strategizing your slant is a prerequisite to ensure your business’s success. Here at TSM Inc., IT Strategy Consulting is the foundation outlook for all our solution engineers. This helps us create a clear roadmap for our clients, by understanding their business goals, proposition and budget.

Managed IT Service Provider

We have a team of dedicated professionals, staunched to provide our clients with the most effective solutions for their woes and needs. Our services encompass Cyber Security, Cloud Services, IT Helpdesk, Network Development, Procurement, Overhaul, Web Services, Server /Workstation Development and many more.

Cloud Offerings

Associated with the leading innovators in cloud computing industry, TSM guides your business to transition to the right cloud today! Our services include AWS (Amazon Web Services), Azure/0365, Cloud PBX, Endpoint Threat Protection, Resource Monitoring, Remote Management and more.

Cyber Security

With the number of cyber-crimes clocking a record high today, don’t let your business or yourself suffer. The security services administered by us are highly acclimatized to suit every client’s needs regardless of their venture’s network size. Speak to one of our professionals today, and take this stress out of your consideration.

IT Helpdesk

Does your business operate on a small scale and you don’t have the time or money to spend on a dedicated IT professional, or self-hosted solutions? Or maybe you’re a key market player on the rise and you need to get organized by supporting and amplifying your business’s growth. Whichever stage you’re presently at, we’re here to help you handle IT. Our IT Helpdesk provides all business types with a nominally priced support solution and strong service level agreements (SLAs), that too under the scrutiny of certified professionals specially attuned to your business

Sales, Installation and Repair Services

Not only do we take pride in knowing IT all, we have a family that can do IT all for you. If your business requires any procurement or repairing services for your Computers, Security Hardware and Networks, reach out to any of our representatives and we’ll be more than pleased to help you.

Network Development

Is your existing network in dire need of some TLC? Or are you finding it difficult to start a network? It’s our job to guide you through these technicalities, are Network engineers are here to guide you to an apt solution for your business type and operating needs.


Feeling perplexed with what’s out there and what you actually require? When someone’s given innumerable options in technology specifics, the person’s bound to get baffled. If that is the case, rest assured, as we’re right here to usher you through the entire process. Rely on our expertise to get the best in computing, server, security, network, workstation, and/or peripheral hardware as well as on the array of our software services.

Human Resources

 Looking for the right candidate to employ in your company can be a tedious, time-consuming and sometimes a futile process. But with our gamut of candidates which are stringently selected via an in-depth multi-screening process and technical evaluation, we can help you find the right contender for that vacant role.