TSM Inc. proudly clocks the benchmark of serving in the technology industry for 40 years, chiefly serving the D.C. Metropolitan Area. And with the rise and progression of the IT industry, our business has augmented its offerings by including Digital Marketing and Web Designing services into the spectrum, along with providing IT solutions.TSM offers a host of services such as IT Strategy Consulting, Cloud Offerings, Managed IT Services, Cyber Security and Network Development apart from IT Helpdesk, Sales, Repair and Installation Services.


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Our Process
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Comprehensive Approach

Here at TSM, we believe in having a holistic and comprehensive outlook towards our work. Our approach begins with the research work for various aspects, exploring the possibilities which can be conceptualized and framed into a prototype. This model is then examined and its flaws are ironed-out, in order to flourish it into a developed final product.

Alliance for
amplified outcomes

Whenever a task gets carried out under a number of people, it is bound to induce better results than under an individual. Discrete people have distinct thought processes, which lead to numerous ideas. And the duration obviously gets curtailed when the work gets distributed amongst a number of people. We distribute our work amongst our team and inspire them to indulge in teamwork when required.


Productivity-driven work

Now another theory says that a gathering is prone to slowing down the process, courtesy of numerous time-consuming interactions, which seemingly lead to the derailing of your work flow. Here at TSM we keep that at bay by distributing work in separate sets to different executives and keeping our jolly discussions saved only for the break hours. All this to boost our productivity, just to provide better services to our customers.

Ironing-out and

Now when an idea turns into a concept, it gets transformed into a model or a prototype, viz not meant to be the final product. It still tends to have its share of flaws, and they need to be resolved. The shortcomings are thought about and worked upon, and any modifications that need to be made are implemented, to give an end-product that matches our standards and augments our brand value.